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In-depth and extensive range of tunnelling services

Bachy Soletanche working with our sister companies, specialise in the design and construction of tunnelling works either by traditional methods or using tunnel-boring machines.

With our in-depth and extensive range of tunnelling services – from boring, mining, drilling, soil improvement, ground water control, and retaining structures, we undertake a wide variety of projects from new construction, to rehabilitation, through to the maintenance of tunnels for all major infrastructure works.

Some of these notable projects include the Bugis, Cross Street, Gardens by the Bay and Orchard Station & Tunnels as well as Shenton Way support works.


The principle consists jacking steel or reinforced concrete pipes from a launching shaft.

The ground is excavated using a Micro-tunnelling boring machine (MTBM), controlled from the surface. The excavation is carried out using slurry to ease spoil removal and control ground movements.


The principle consists of using either traditional mining techniques or a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) to build tunnels for either utilities or mass transit systems. TBM tunnels can be lined with reinforced concrete precast segments placed behind the machine as the TBM advances. To ensure ground stability three types of machines are available:  Earth Pressure Balanced, Slurry or Compressed Air. Bachy Soletanche has experience with all three.

Notable Projects

Newly constructed bored tunnels at TEL Orchard Station

Preparation Works for MTBM Jacking progress at Shenton Way Station

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