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Our Smart Edge

Our Smart Edge – Design and development of new innovative techniques and equipment

Soletanche Bachy designs and develops a wide range of proprietary construction techniques and equipment bringing the latest in innovations to the industry.

This has given us a strong competitive edge in the industry.

The ongoing development of new techniques has allowed us to design and build a complete range of our own specialist equipment which is constantly upgraded to cope with the evolving environment and challenges presented to us

A Sectional View of T219 Existing NSL Orchard Station to New platform Linkway level BIM model

Our smart tools: Proprietary Innovations using Big Data to reduce downtime and boost efficiency and productivity

Diaphragm Wall Container Training Simulator

Soletanche Bachy has developed a Containerised Training Simulator to train diaphragm wall excavation operators in all the techniques, cable and hydraulic grabs as well as the sophisticated hydrofraise machines. This is both innovative and efficient as it provides real-time training to the operator in a safe and controlled environment.

Potential new operator training on the Hydrofraise Simulator

Digital Site

A collaborative tool for tablets and smartphones, the Digital Site was developed by our sister company SIXENSE. It improves quality and team management by providing real-time access to all documents and information.

Carrying out a diaphragm wall cage inspection with a tablet at site

BIM & Digital Transformation

We have initiated Building Information Modelling (BIM) to produce 3D models to simulate reality leading to improved construction planning, work productivity and lowered costs.

Tanjong Rhu Station & Tunnels BIM Model

Production Control

Manufactured, designed and programmed by the company, the control unit in the Enpafraise provides continuous, real-time monitoring of deviations from the excavation process.

Our Operator working with ENPAFRAISE hydrofraise control unit


TiPS (Time & Productivity on Site) is an internal app that allows quick overviews of each project site, work productivity and man-hours.

Our Engineer producing production reports with TiPS

Mechanical Digitization

This is a digital platform for the mechanic to have a quick overview of any repair status.

Our Mechanic recording his repair updates with the tablet

Safety Reporter

A newly launched application for site visits for business unit managers. All site visits are directly recorded in the H&S reporting tool for monitoring by the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) manager in Singapore.

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