Bachy Soletanche Singapore (BSS) has an accident-free track record for the past three years.

We comply with procedures & regulations to foster responsible behavior to achieve HSEQ management policies and systems. It also conducts rigorous risk analyses during the decision-making process for our projects.

In recent years BSS has won two integral Group awards, the Victor, for the best safety performance among the various Group entities.

In addition to internal recognition, BSS has also received several awards from the Workplace Safety and Health Council and the Land Transport Authority for excellent worksite safety performance and practices.

Continuous improvement in our Health, Safety, Environment & Quality culture 

This is done by managing risks, complying with procedures & regulations, encouraging more responsibility behavior; especially for the pursue of the development of the HSEQ management policies and system and conducting risk analysis during the decision-making process for our projects. 



Reduce Environmental Impacts 

We make an effort to prevent pollution, reduce noise, manage water, soil and waste treatment during our project phase. We also develop techniques and processes that save raw materials and generate lower environmental impacts, such as soil mixing.  

Soletanche Bachy Group has developed PRISM, a cutting-edge tool for Life Cycle Analysis, to quantify a project’s environmental footprint from bid to execution, and thus help to characterise the proposed solutions. 

Our Awards