Now is the crucial moment to take meaningful action for the Environment.

As a company, and as part of the global Soletanche Bachy family, we are committed to initiatives that keep our planet thriving for future generations. Our global family’s directive is to reduce our collective impact on the environment by 40% in 2030. Join us in this shared commitment to a sustainable future, where every action contributes to a greener world for generations to come.

Our Electric Hydrofraise®

A greener solution for diaphragm walls in all kinds of formation

Soletanche Bachy unveils an upgraded and eco-friendly version of the Hydrofraise®. This innovative, patented equipment brings substantial environmental advantages, minimizing maintenance while offering versatility in various models. 

Seamlessly switch between the electrical and diesel power packs, facilitating easy retrofitting into existing Hydrofraise® units. Discover these advanced features for a sustainable and efficient solution, enhancing both environmental impact and operational effectiveness. Dive into the improved Hydrofraise® experience, where innovation meets eco-conscious engineering for a brighter, greener future.

EXEGY in Singapore

EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy, a solution for supplying Low/Very Low/ Ultra Low Carbon concretes for foundations

To obtain the CO2 reduction required or your project, regardless of the strength class, EXEGY by Soletanche Bachy offers the following concrete: