Innovation is in our DNA

Soletanche Bachy has been responsible for numerous disruptive innovations in soil technologies and foundations. And thanks to our equipment, materials methods and research experts, we are continually improving our processes, our machines and our materials to meet your new challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow.

Fifty Years of Innovation

More compact, more efficient, more environment-friendly, more connected:

Over the past 50 Years, Soletanche Bachy has been constantly developing its Hydrofraise® to meet the needs of special foundations works, today, tomorrow and beyond.


In the 1970s, Soletanche Bachy developed the Hydrofraise®, a benchmark machine for boring diaphragm walls.

We have been constantly developing it since its creation. It is now available in several versions:

  • Compact for work with limited headroom,
  • Containerisable to reduce shipping time and carbon footprint
  • With a gripper for very hard ground,
  • Equipped with an electric power pack, or even all of these at the same time

How does Gripper work?

The Gripper system, developed by Soletanche Bachy, enables the drilling of deeper diaphragm walls into extremely hard rock formations (with resistance exceeding 100MPa). With this innovation, Bachy Soletanche Singapore can excavate hard soil and rock, providing a competitive advantage in the Singapore infrastructure market for diaphragm walls.

The Hydrofraise® with Gripper applies a thrust on the drilling tool that can be superior to its own weight, pushing the limits of drilling, thanks to its two modules:

Our Hydrofraise® in Singapore

Compact Hydrofraise® HC05

Solution for diaphragm walls in low headroom and confined environments.

Highly adapted to urban or tunnel application thanks to its reduced ground space and low headroom, it has drilling performances that are comparable to the larger Hydrofraise®

Hydrofraise® HF8

Solution for deep excavation in very hard rock. Equipped with grippers, the effective pushing force on the drilling tool can reach 200 tonnes. With the pulldown mechanism, special cutting head with roller bits can be used, enabling the HF8 to tackle the challenge of excavating into the hardest rocks, such as granite.

Hydrofraise® HF8C

Solution for deep excavation with a compact footprint.

It meets the demands of today’s urban construction sites thanks to the modular configuration of its Powerpack that can be installed either on the back or on the side of the machine.