Ground Freezing

Power of freezing to enhance soil impermeability and strength.

At Bachy Soletanche Singapore, we take pride in offering a diverse range of specialized construction techniques, and one of our noteworthy offerings is Ground Freezing. This innovative method is based on the principle of harnessing the power of freezing to enhance soil impermeability and strength.

Ground Freezing operates by freezing the water present in the soil, effectively transforming it into an impermeable and robust material. This is achieved through a meticulous process that involves transferring thermal energy from the ground to a low-temperature fluid. This chilled fluid is circulated through a specialized probe that is carefully drilled into the ground.

As the cold fluid traverses through the probe, it causes the groundwater in the surrounding soil to freeze. Consequently, a substantial mass of frozen soil takes shape around the probe. This frozen barrier contributes significantly to the impermeability and enhanced strength of the soil.
The most common uses of ground freezing are for shafts, cross passages between tunnels, safety niches, and excavation beneath sensitive structures.

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Planning a Mega Infrastructure Project?