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Injecting into the ground

Grouting consists of injecting a liquid, suspension, emulsion or mortar into the ground in order to strengthen it or to reduce its permeability

Depending on the soil or rock properties, various techniques and methods can be implemented such as permeation, compaction and jet grouting.

If the grout can fill the voids in the ground, without causing movement of the surrounding material, the process is called fissure or permeation grouting. If the surrounding material is displaced by squeezing or hydrofracturing, it is called compaction grouting or hydrofracture grouting.

Fissure Grouting

Compaction Grouting

Jet grouting is a construction process that uses a high pressure jet of fluid to break up and loosen the ground, and to mix it to create a column of soil cement mix. The soil type and technique used determines the parameter for the grouting process and the strength of the treated soil.

Jet Grouting

Jet Grouting

Our Group introduced the use of SPICE IT (System for Production in Injection works and Control Embarked) – latest version of grouting control software to control the grouting plant following pre-programmed grouting criteria. Ongoing innovations with this software suite keep it at the avant garde of the industry.

Typical Grouting Setup

Diaphragm Wall

Deep Foundations



Soil Mixing

Piling and Underpinning

Ground Freezing

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