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C906 Bayfront Station 

Project Description

Project C906 consists of constructing the station box of Bayfront Station and its connecting tunnels to the contract boundaries with project 901 and 907, and to be running tunnels constructed by developer of the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort (MBSIR) on the northern end of Bayfront Station. The retaining structures will be constructed using the diaphragm walling technique. Additionally, soil improvement using both jet grouting and concrete cross wall will be constructed to enhance the wall performance in controlling the deflections.

Project Information 

Ground Conditions: Fill, Marine Clays, Old Alluvium

Diaphragm Wall: 1,734m in length, 0.8/1.0 & 1.2m thickness, Depth between 44 to 65m

Barrette Piles: 105 nos. over 17,446m2, 1200mm thick, 78m depth



Land Transport Authority


Maunsell Consultants

General Contractor:

Sembawang Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd


2007; 2009

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